About us

Fundación Ideas para la Paz (FIP) is an independent think tank established in 1999 by a group of Colombian businessmen. Our mission is to produce knowledge, propose initiatives, develop practices and support processes to contribute in the construction of a stable and lasting peace in Colombia. Along these lines, FIP aims to understand the unrest existing in the country, by exercising the needed leadership for the mobilization of citizens, government officials and the business sector around the common goal of building a peaceful society.

FIP firmly believes that the Colombian conflict will inevitably conclude with a peace negotiation or a series of negotiations that call for adequate technical assistance. Hence, it draws attention on the importance of preparing the country for a post-conflict settings.

Programmatic areas


Conflict Dynamics and Peace Negotiations


Post-conflict and Peacebuilding


Business, peace and human rights


Security and Criminal Policy


Contributions by the Founding Companies have made our institutional endeavor effective. Similarly, for the pursuance of projects, FIP relies on external support from international cooperation, international philanthropic organizations and, agreements made with public and private institutions.

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